Rawhide’s Easter Buffet

We continuously work with Rawhide on seasonal projects but had the challenge of campaigning their yearly Egg-Stravaganza Buffet. With this project, our team accomplished the following:

  • Fully booked their Easter Buffet within 3 days.
  • Reached many families interested in Easter and Family events in Chandler.
  • Create general awareness of the free event portion of the Easter Egg-Stravaganza leading up to the date.

The Partner: Rawhide Western Town & Event Center is Arizona’s largest Western-themed attraction. Rawhide is an authentic replica of an 1880’s town complete with a Main Street, gunfights, stagecoach and train rides. They are also a premier western private venue offering space for festivals and concerts with thousands of attendees.

Challenge: Every year Rawhide puts together their Egg-Stravaganza Easter Buffet and wanted to ensure bookings were completely full for this event. This client also wanted the event to have general awareness in the Chandler area, mostly in neighborhoods near the venue.

By targeting families in local neighbors, Rawhide was hoping to attract families to come out and enjoy a free egg hunt and possibly buy into a lunch buffet.

Solution: We did a full campaign through digital and social media advertisements. Our creative team created video and photos advertisement while incorporating Rawhide theme and logos for this event.

By using digital advertisements, we were able to reach families within a 10 miles radius to target neighborhoods nearby. With social media, we were able to target families a bit more widespread across Chandler and Phoenix, but with specific interests in family and Easter events.

With this strategy, we were able to tackle the client’s goals while also delivering more reach by delivering social ads in other areas of Phoenix.

Results: Rawhide immediately noticed an impact and increase of bookings via telephone at the initial campaign launch. Within the first few days of digital and social media campaign launch, the event was completely booked. Even though the lunch bookings were full, we continued to run the campaign up to the day before the event to continue awareness for the free egg-hunt portion of the event.

We continue to work with this client on events and seasonal campaigns.


Rawhide’s Easter Buffet


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