With 166 million user growth in Q1 for 2017, Snapchat has been one of the quickest growing social platforms for some time, so much so that other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have directly copied the “story” feature.

If you’re familiar with the platform, you’re aware that ordinarily, individually sent snaps expire after viewing them just once unless the replay option is set in the sender’s apps settings, allowing the receiver to view the snap an additional time.  Snaps added to the user’s “story” expire after 24 hours. Beginning May 9th these restrictions are now lifted with what Snapchat calls “limitless” snaps.

The creator decides whether or not to produce a limitless photo snap by choosing “infinity” in the timer section that used to only list an interval, somewhere from one to  ten seconds.  If set as an infinite snap, the receiver will continue to view the image until they decide to close it, at which time it is deleted.  Similarly, video snaps have an “infinite loop” option which means the video will be looped over until the receiver closes it if it is an individually sent snap, or will loop repeatedly until the receiver taps to view the next snap in a “story”.  This feature is great for brands using the platform as it allows you to send a more complex idea across that may take a longer view to understand, but keep in mind you still want your messages to be concise but most importantly, entertaining.

They have also expanded options for creativity by adding a Magic Eraser tool that they nested under the scissor tool making it simple to erase parts of your image, albeit not as perfectly as you might in Photoshop, and also by adding the ability to draw emojis using the Doodle tool as opposed to placing them individually.

With over one million snaps created and sent every day, you want to make sure that yours stand out, so keeping up to date on the newest features and finding creative ways to implement them is a great way to create a positive brand experience with your customers.  Plus, it’s a quick, easy way to create short, social-media-friendly video content that can be repurposed for other platforms.

You can view Snapchat’s post about this update here: