A feature previously only available to paid campaigners and Discover content, Snapchat hos now made link inclusion in snaps available to all users. This is great news for businesses who are already using the platform to promote their brand or those still deciding on whether try it out or not.

To use the feature simply follow these steps after taking your snap:

Choose the paper clip.

Type the URL.

Then click “Attach to Snap”.

The user viewing the snap will see a notification at the bottom with a “swipe up” arrow just like they’ve grown accustomed to seeing on the Discover content. Upon swiping up, the link content will be displayed. This new option now creates a quick way for retailers and service providers to convert their Snapchat followers.

Make links you are attaching relevant to what is being sent.  I’ll expand more on this idea below.

Just like with all other platforms, any features you leverage should be about creating a postive brand interaction with your follower, not just about making a sale.  Use this new feature in a way that makes sense without turning followers off or making your content feel “spammy”.  Try to only send links if they are relevant to what you are referencing in your snap.

If you send out your wesbite’s hompage with every snap, your users may get into a habit of not swiping up to view it, even when there is something new to show them. But, for example, if you’re talking about a special discount in a video snap or an interesting blog post, attaching a link to claim the deal or read the article would be helpful to the viewer.

If you’re one of the businesses who still hasn’t decided whether or not to start using Snapchat, here are some factors to consider:

  • Snapchat’s largest user base is in the teen to early-adult years -about 60% are ages 13 to 24 – but is slowly increasing it’s average user age by attracting more of the older market segments.  Most still remain under the age of 35, however.
  • Snapchat’s started as a private video messenger. While it has now evolved into much more, it’s air of offering secret or exclusive content is still a major draw when people are deciding whether or not to follow an account.  Businesses that can offer behind-the-scenes looks and are willing to post content that they won’t post on other social media platforms will find the most success.  Anyone in any kind of entertainment business should have a Snapchat if they have the resources necessary to do so successfully.
  • The number one resource for running a successful Snapchat account is a person who knows what’s interesting. Because for the most part Snapchat content should be in the moment, it is one of the platforms where having an on-staff person who is willing to identify and capture entertaining moments during day-to-day business makes all of the difference in the world.
  • Snapchat is a great way to give a business a face (or faces), a personality that people can connect with, so when choosing the person to manage your account, chose someone who aligns with the consumer you are going after.  That way they are more likely to share your consumer’s view of what is fun and entertaining.

This new link feature eliminates, or at least diminishes, one of the biggest reasons businesses give for not using Snapchat or social media in general – a preceived lack of ROI, or simply the inability to measure it. As long as you have a web presence as well as the necessary analytic tools, there isn’t any reason you would not be able to quantify conversions through Snapchat.

If you need help planning out a strategy, there are tons of sources online to read up on what has worked in different industries, or you can also reach out to us here at Creative + Cultural, where we offer training and/or social strategy planning for businesses of all sizes. Happy Snapping!