On July 5th, on various social media sites, not just Instagram, reports began popping up of accounts being deleted or inaccessible.  The deletion seemed to be affecting both business and personal accounts alike without any explanation.  After a firestorm of tweets and comments, Instagram finally addressed the situation, stating they had become aware of a bug that was logging people out of their accounts while at the same time logging the account out from being viewed by the general public.  Since then they have reported the bug being taken care of, but, as invariably happens in these types of situations, some opportunists are still leveraging the pandemonium to pilfer some followers.

Almost immediately accounts started posting a message supposedly written by Instagram Co-Founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, stating that in order for an account to avoid deletion, users should repost the message along with #SaveMyIG.  This also morphed into other accounts such as @ActiveUsers2017 creating their own messages saying that in order to save an account, in addition to using the hashtag, they must follow this new account.

Needless to say, all of that was and is a flasehood created as a quick grab at followers.  This is not the first time the idea of using the same general line of simple instructions spreads like wildfire across social media getting people to take actions that have nothing to do with any actual updates to a platform or their policies, as seen not so long ago with the supposed user fees people were assuring Facebook was going to start charging if you didn’t join a particular group or reposted a message about, opening up some people to being hacked or having their computers infected with a virus.  Our advice would simply be that if you see anything on social media that tells you to do anything simple – like, comment, share, join – in order to avoid a negative outcome, don’t believe it unless it was posted on the platform’s official account.